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Free football – Top pages to watch football without interruptions

fútbol gratis

Free Live Soccer – best website to watch football

Are you looking for free football?.Here in Moisés Díaz entrenador. Football is the best sport in the world, it generates strong emotions and it is really interesting, it is aimed at all kinds of public and it is practiced and felt all over the world. It is much more than 22 players behind a ball, football is passion, energy, magic and entertainment, that’s why the cry of GOAL is pronounced the same in all languages.

Not all the time we can enjoy live TV broadcasts from our favorite teams, leagues or players, either because you have a busy day, or because you don’t subscribe to the corresponding TV channels.
But don’t worry, next we’ll tell you about the best websites and mobile applications, where you can watch and enjoy football without interruptions, from your mobile phone, tablet or PC, wherever you are, and totally free, just require a good Internet connection.

Top 10 of the best pages to watch football for free on tv 2018

Due to the current boom in football, a number of websites have emerged for you to enjoy, wherever and whenever you want, live and

ver futbol en directo gratis

totally free. Next we will tell you about the best league matches.

Red direct This website not only allows us to enjoy the sport king, but a number of sporting events, all leagues and variety of options and channels. It is very easy to use, just enter the portal, choose the sporting event you want, and click on the match. This displays a menu with a series of online channels, which offers live transmission, free and shows us options such as language or type of gratis online

futbol gratis online

Sportlemons On this page you can enjoy live broadcasts of your favorite football teams, as well as other sports, is intuitive, has a good and simple interface, also gives us a good transmission quality. It is compatible are smart tv, PC and mobile free from mobile.

sport lemon

EliteGolTv It is a sports platform that is transmitted worldwide. In its portal you can watch football free and online at any time, live or deferred. It has everything you are looking for when it comes to football.see football online

ver futbol online elite gol
Pirlotv One of the best websites, without a doubt, is Pirlotv. It has more than 20 channels at your disposal, good transmission quality, and you can enjoy the semifinals of the World Cup and the Champions at no cost.

pirlo soccer live

Redstream Here you can find sporting events by date, sport, league, competition and even by the names of the teams that are participating in the sporting event you want to see, easy to use, good image quality and best of all, free.

red stream


LiveTv Among the best pages to see soccer online for free, we find livetv, this website allows us to enjoy not only soccer, but other sports such as basketball, tennis, baseball and swimming. Compatible with PC, tablet and Smartphone.

FootyTube On this page you can enjoy multiple live sporting events, free live football, and also the summary of the game you could not see. It offers us exclusively details and football matches.

Mamahd It is one of the most quoted platforms, in which you can watch football matches live. It has a very friendly interface and simple to use, the search is fast, accurate and effective. It gives us quality content and allows us to see the most anticipated games.

Net This site allows us to watch free live soccer online, as well as Formula 1, tennis and basketball.

FutbolenlaTv Website in Spanish to watch free live soccer.

What you should know about free soccer streaming

These pages carry out their transmissions in live forms, streaming and P2P TV. They have their virtues and disadvantages to watch and enjoy matches live, without cost or registration. We will explain how each one works.


Streaming platforms are platforms that distribute live video. This means that you only need a browser that supports Flash or HTML 5 to make use of it. It works quite well, until many people connect at the same time, which generates congestion, and the quality of the image is affected and in some cases, you can hang the page and stop working.


P2P means (peer to peer), are platforms that distribute data to various servers, so it gives us better image quality, even if several people are connected at the same time. The bad thing about this type of platform is that it requires us to download and install programs.

Top 5 Free Soccer Applications

1. Veetle:

It is an application that puts at our disposal a wide range of channels, most of which are sport channels. We can find channels such as PGA, GolTV or NBA Basketball. It broadcasts their matches on the P2P system, and has a chat room where you can comment and share with other viewers, plays and points of view. At the moment only available for Android

application veetle football

2. Forza Football:
Application dedicated exclusively to football and available only for Android. It allows us to enjoy matches live, keeps us up to date with results, news and calendars. It also gives us the option to make comments and share them with a large community of football fans. We can also program a series of alerts and alarms of our favorite teams, at no cost.

app futbol forza futbol

3. HotStar TV:
This application goes one step further, giving us live broadcasts of sporting events, shows, movies and series from our mobile phone, free of charge. Available only for Android.

4. Wiseplay:
It is one of the favorite applications in the market, in it we can enjoy for free, live football matches, programs, series, documentaries and movies. It has a friendly interface, which makes it easy to use. Available for Android and IOS. It offers us the option to synchronize with Chromecast, which allows us to watch soccer for free and live on our Smart TV.

5. Sport TV Live:
It gives us access to multiple sports channels, to watch the most desired soccer games, free and live. It is not necessary to register and it is compatible with our Smart TV, to enjoy the transmissions in a better quality.

With these pages and applications, you can stay up to date in the world of football from anywhere, make comments, and share information, your teams, leagues and favorite players, completely free and live.

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